Sunday, 13 December 2015



Alhamdulillah, finally AZ Hijab goes online!!! Today is 14th of December (Monday), and officially I created a blog for AZ Hijab Exclusive. Syukurrr...Actually our friend in Selangor is on holiday today, celebrating Selangor won in Malaysia Cup on last Saturday. Heyy, I am also Selangorians, unfortunately working in KL (hehehe...tak bersyukur ada kerja kannn).

Anyway let me introduce a little bit about AZ Hijab Exclusives. The ideas of selling shawls and hijab were between my niece and I. Recently, I had nothing to do relating my oven at home and I felt like I am empty! I have to find something worthy to fill my emptiness. Keep on browsing, scrolling and going through the internet...oh wowwww suddenly I had this idea of selling hijabs. Any kind of it. As a start, we bought two kind of simple shawls. As a beginner, I ask my niece to create an instagram for our baby business. Then here it goes >>>>>>

ALIAZHATUL is born! What a relieved...from that moment on, we decided to create a facebook page which associated with our new Instragram. Yes, some people do browsing their IG and some don't. As for us, we have to provide both so we can cater potential customers from both medium. Is was fun anyway to learn new thing because I am myself, do not involved much with the IG. At first I did not even know how to upload pictures!!!! Goshhh shame on me..hahahaha..

To live means to carry on with our life, to face whatever challenge/obstacles that we might go through. And as for today, as this blog comes alive..WE will put an effort to keep updating u guys of our latest info in shawls business. You might find it boring with the plain background but...give us some time to makeover everything. Anyway, the content does count isn't it?

Well people, do not you will find AZ Hijab Exclusives on three different medium : FB Page, IG and on the web itself. WE tried our very best to serve you better from time to time. Thank your for supporting us and WE love you much MUCHO!!

Tuan Tanah
(Land Owner)

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